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About Immersive Tech Summit

Immersive Tech Summit is a platform for Virtual Reality /Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality filmmakers, game creators, cutting edge technology innovators contributing to the growth of Virtual Reality /Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality ecosystem. Immersive Tech Summit also provides an opportunity to showcase quality local/global content as well as a platform to educate the audience/studios about emergent technologies that will deeply impact humans.

Immersive Tech Summit is an initiative dedicated to serving the AR & VR ecosystem. The summit aims to develop a blueprint for enterprises who are looking at implementing AR&VR technology. Benefit from the most interactive and business driven AR&VR initiative including live interviews, success stories, deep dive panels, debates and much more.


October 23rd & 24th, 2019

Why Enterprises should attend Immersive Tech Summit

Evaluate the ROI of AR & VR for your enterprise.

Explore how your organisation can harness AR & VR to improve customer experience, workflow operations, product development, trainings and simulations.

Learn best practices on implementing AR & VR projects in Asia – from making a business case, technology selection to execution.

Gain inspirations from cross-sector AR & VR pioneers as we feature enterprise case studies spanning telecommunications, healthcare, technology, education, engineering and more.

Discover the key elements of building an immersive, experiential and relevant virtual experience including 3d modelling, content creation, user experience and more.

What to expect from ITS

Discover how technology is affecting your industry through deep dive sessions



Learning groups interact with VR specialists and masters and are exposed to new methods and techniques.

Learn from the enterprises who have rolled out AR & VR business strategies, their successes & best practices

Talks by industry experts sharing thoughts & Ideas


Innovation arena for experiences
Product showcasing
Brand and product interaction and presentations
Try out the technology that can and will help your company achieve their business goals

At Immersive tech summit Local/Global VR/AR/MR companies will get an opportunity to present to investors. Take advantage of business matching, project cooperation, and investment opportunities

Network with industry experts, VC’s, business leaders, and specialists of the industry from home and abroad.




Stay on top of the latest happenings in the technology world and take away insights, ideas and tools that can enable your AI journey.



Witness the global tech leaders and experts debate and deliberate the present and future of emerging technologies through keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats and more.



Meet and greet over 500+ enterprises, decision makers, technology leaders, start-ups, investors, government officials, regulators, researchers, academicians, and global AI solution providers from across the world.



Catch more than just a glimpse of some of the upcoming, revolutionary products in the field of AI, ML and Robotics from around the globe.

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  • Day 1

    October 26, 2019

  • Day 2

    October 27, 2019

  • Get welcomed: Brace yourself for a visual treat

  • Welcome address by Immersive Tech Summit conference chairperson

  • The biggest obstacle to mass adoption of AR & VR technology?
    • Why user experience (ex., bulky hardware, technical glitches) is viewed as the top obstacle to mass adoption of AR & VR.
    • How does content offerings (ex., lack of quality content, amount of content available) play a crucial role when it comes to mass adoption?
    • How consumer and business reluctance to embrace AR & VR is affecting AR & VR implementation
    • Regulation and legal risks in the area of intellectual property is an imminent threat?

  • AR & VR in the enterprise today
    • Mobility in an enterprise: Present & future
    • The key drivers of Augment reality & Virtual reality
    • How AR & VR wearables will impact enterprise

  • What is the current status of the Enterprise Augmented reality & Virtual reality ecosystem
    • How the Enterprise AR & VR ecosystem is shaping up?
    • Transforming Enterprises: What are the most effective use cases out there?
    • How to overcome the barriers to implement AR & VR?
    • How to create neutral thought leadership to high business decisions?
    • Industry insights into the future of AR & VR

  • AR & VR impact on enterprise mobile strategies
    • Supporting workers as they tackle varied tasks
    • Knowledge work is vast: Virtual meeting – Interactive design – visualization
    • Hands – free workflow: How AR will allow a worker to see digital information superimposed onto the work environment


  • This presentation provides a high-level roadmap of immersive technologies and roadblocks that will help transform computing and lay out a progression for enterprise adoption from training, to planning, and finally field operations use-cases

  • What is currently available on the market versus the future predictions of AR & VR capabilities?
    • The applications of future: What could we expect
    • What are the current limitations of Headset manufacturers
    • The road to enterprise AR ubiquity: Engaging workforce, tracking business metrics, finding the right point of entry, managing growth and more

  • Delivering value with AR in the Industrial Enterprise
    • What are the opportunities and challenges for AR technology
    • What are the most powerful ways to interact with the objects in the industrial world
    • Delivering powerful AR development tools and applications specifically designed to make AR easier and more scalable for the industrial enterprise

  • How rendering 3D objects will help companies move faster, save money and get things right before production
    • How the same process can be applied to other sectors

  • Building the next generation of Startups
    • What are the sectors which has a lot of potentials and why we would see a lot of startups catering to these sectors
    • How important is startup culture and diversity?
    • What can we expect out of startups to disrupt the industry?

  • • Discuss the issues and challenges around AR & VR implementation
    Everybody in the hall gets to ask questions and answer questions

  • The best time for enterprises to learn more about different AR & VR products and solutions

  • The Immersive economy in the Middle East
    • What is the current value of the Immersive economy in the Middle East?
    • Which verticals are using Immersive tech, and how?
    • What are the barriers to future growth in the sector?

  • The vision for mixed reality in the modern workplace
    • How mixed reality has the potential to help customers and businesses across the world.
    • How will it help businesses and their employees complete crucial tasks faster, safer, more efficiently, and create new ways to connect to customers and partners
    • Creative problem solving and collaboration skills: Demand for technology that will support new ways of working

  • The roadmap to establishing best practice in the AR & VR community
    • A tour into best practices
    • AR & VR best practices: What to expect for future

  • Discuss the issues and challenges around AR & VR implementation
    Everybody in the hall gets to ask questions and answer questions

  • Hear from pioneers in the industry who are leading the way in the implementing ARVR technology within their industry
    • What has been the key to success for those who have scaled up what was initially an idea?
    • What has been the biggest obstacle to success?

  • What are the technical challenges to scaling AR & VR
    • How to implement AR & VR applications on a larger scale: What are the things one should consider before deciding to implement
    • Does hardware and software solutions need an update to make this happen
    • How to avoid manual loading of all installations?

  • Get Welcomed: Brace yourself for a visual treat

  • Building partnerships for growth
    • How can widening your own ecosystem lead to business success?
    • How can the full business value of AR & VR be achieved through collaborations
    • What can AR & VR community do as a whole to promote the long term benefits of the technology looking beyond

  • How social VR is setting the stage for the next evolution of the internet
    • Get the peek into what the future could be
    • How do the community, VR enthusiasts, and creators build a product consciously?
    • What responsibilities do we have as part of that creation process? And what have we learned already?

  • Augmented reality & Virtual Reality technology: Demand and opportunities
    • Commercializing immersive technology: Markets creating the biggest opportunity
    • Is 2019 the year for next big immersive innovation?
    • Get some insight into market barriers

  • Discuss the issues and challenges around AR &VR implementation
    Everybody in the hall gets to ask questions and answer questions


  • The integration of artificial intelligence within Augmented Reality applications
    • How AI can help understand AR technologies tracking what is around us
    • How this culmination can revolutionize the AR industry
    • Learn the benefits AI has had as an integrated component to AR & VR

  • How to deploy mobile XR technologies in the enterprise
    • How to transform the enterprise with more immersive and interactive user experiences
    • Learn how to deploy mobile XR solutions in the enterprise and leverage the latest technologies to bring greater long-term value to businesses.

  • Learn from several projects in the automotive industry
    • Discover and analyze the industrial training process for which there is a great AR potential
    • Hear about the solutions for immersive technology users

  • How to go about implementing AR & VR
    • How to create content, using the technology for overlaying one reality on another
    • Best practices: How to set up an implementation project
    • Who are the enterprises who have implemented AR and what should we learn from them

  • Discuss the issues and challenges around AR&VR implementation
    Everybody in the hall gets to ask questions and answer questions

  • The best time for enterprises to learn more about different AR & VR products and solutions

  • Why interaction is critical for a successful use case
    • What are the different interactive methods
    • Why touchless gesture interactions will be one of the main principles in augmented reality
    • How contextual awareness ensures a smooth and effective user experience in every AR situation

  • XR Investment: What to expect
    • Where do XR investors see the biggest opportunities?
    • What factors signal strong financial upside?
    • What do investors look for in a pitch?

  • How AR can improve work across industries
    • How to navigate the overwhelming landscape and narrow in on a segment that is a good product-market fit
    • The traits of a range of industry segments, and highlight pros and cons of applying different types of AR solutions to each segment

  • Discuss the issues and challenges around AR & VR implementation
    Everybody in the hall gets to ask questions and answer questions

  • Business match-making introductions

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